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The Vecna (Stranger Things Fan Art) Bust Sculpture.

The Vecna Bust Sculpture.

Created by Littlecorpsemagnets.

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Who or what is Vecna?

In season four of the Netflix TV Show “Stranger Things”, Vecna is the terrifying sentient creature and central antagonist aligned with the Upside Down. With its psychokinetic power, within the realm of “The Upside Down”, Vecna can slaughter the teenagers of Hawkins.

Like the “Mind Flayer”, Vecna is also the name of a character from the role-playing game Dungeons And Dragons.

Xl VECNA***NEW FOR 2022****inspired full size halloween collectible bust
The Vecna Bust Sculpture by Littlecorpsemagnets.

The Vecna (Stranger Things Fan Art) Bust Sculpture.

The “full-sized” Vecna Bust Sculpture, by Littlecorpsemagnets, with its glass “dead eyes”, is made from latex, filled with foam, and comes complete with a stand.

This will make a fantastic Halloween party centrepiece. The Vecna bust would also look great as a standout piece of artwork in a curiosity shop or scary horror-themed room. Do you have space for The Vecna Bust Sculpture in your home?

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