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“Macellarius”: Weird Old Man Baby Hibread Art Sculpture.

ℹ Photos created to Laira Maganuco.

“Macellarius”: Weird Old Man Baby Hibread Art Sculpture.

By Laira Maganuco of babycreatures.

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Macellarius, the Old Man Baby Hibread, was sculpted in fine detail by hand in acetic silicone paste using a technique developed by its maker, Laira Maganuco, over time, making the imaginary image one hundred per cent realistic.

This impressive and unrepeatable masterpiece is appropriate for fine art enthusiasts and collectors.

Macellarius, when translated from Latin, means butcher, Slaughterer and seller of meat products. What this has to do with the old man baby highbred thing has yet to be clarified within the catalogue page.

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