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Pitch Your Product.

Here at Mojo’s Collections, we always look for new, cool products that stand out. You may have noticed that much of what we share here may be on the quirky spectrum and often weird. Believe us; this is no accident. Now you, too, can help us build our ongoing extensive collection of stand-out products.

If you think you have a great product that will fit nicely here on Mojo’s Collections, here is your chance to pitch your product.

Benefits of a product blog post on “Mojo’s Collections”.

As well as free exposure and backlinks from Mojo’s Collections blog, we share and reshare the blog posts with over 17,000 (and growing) followers across our social media platforms and groups.

To qualify for a product pitch:

Qualifying products need to be…

  • Either innovative and unique or something quirky or weird.
  • Available for sale online on a secure website [https//:🔒]. This can be a seller’s website and/or a retail marketplace like Etsy, eBay, or Amazon.
  • Reasonably family friendly.

After this observation, anything goes from Vintage stuff, including reproduction, to Halloween and movie artwork and props, to the latest in helicopters.

Qualifying products will be posted on the blog indefinitely, free of charge.

Let’s get pitching.

Where is your product listed? (please tick all that apply.

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