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Galaxy Mural Wallpaper.

Galaxies were initially discovered telescopically and were known as spiral nebulae. Most 18th- to 19th-century astronomers considered them as either unresolved star clusters or anagalactic nebulae, and were just thought of as a part of the Milky Way, but their true composition and natures remained a mystery. Observations using larger telescopes of a few nearby bright galaxies, like the Andromeda Galaxy, began resolving them into huge conglomerations of stars, but based simply on the apparent faintness and sheer population of stars, the true distances of these objects placed them well beyond the Milky Way. For this reason they were popularly called island universes, but this term quickly fell into disuse, as the word universe implied the entirety of existence. Instead, they became known simply as galaxies.

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The Galaxy Mural Wallpaper.

Made by UpGreat.

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The Galaxy Mural Wallpaper by UpGreat.
The Galaxy Mural Wallpaper by UpGreat.

Enjoy the night sky all day long inside your home with The Galaxy Mural Wallpaper by UpGreat. The wallpaper mural is self-adhesive comes in various sizes to suit different areas of wall space.

A great decorative feature for any interstellar space-loving astomerner type nerd’s retreat room, man cave or lady’s den. Also an excellent idea for a nursery wall.

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