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Experience Vintage Charm with C Clocks Design’s Radio Nixie Tube Clock

The Radio Nixie Tube Clock

By CClocksDesign

The Radio Nixie Tube Clock CClocksDesign.
The Radio Nixie Tube Clock by CClocksDesign *

Introducing a one-of-a-kind nixie tube clock from C Clocks Design, crafted with high-quality materials and high-precision machines. The clock features 6 IN14 Nixie tubes and two neon bulb indicators, displaying time in a 24-hour format.

It also includes a digital radio with a magic eye 6E1P and a cooling fan. The clock’s alarm can trigger the radio or a classic buzzer, and a mini digital display on the back shows the radio frequency and volume. The Nixie clock is placed inside a vintage auxiliary speaker, and the case is made from ABS with original mesh material. This upcycle art piece is in excellent condition.

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