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Vampire Wall-Hanging Sculpture.

“Vampiro, Nosferatu, Strigoi, busto de pared.”

Created by LordaTLFX.

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Vampire Wall-Hanging Sculpture by LordaTLFX.
Vampire Wall-Hanging Sculpture by LordaTLFX.

This piece is made of Chavant plasticine,
It is a creation inspired by the television series The Strain.
Made of top quality resin, with worbla clothing, epoxy putty, and natural hair.

From the osoiated LordaTLFX shop page on Etsy.

Full of gothic tendencies, the Vampire Wall-Hanging Sculpture makes a fantastic piece of horror wall art that is good for creepy events, including Halloween. It also makes a great wall hanging for display all year round.

Traditional Vampire Fangs custom made to fit from scratch by VincentPsykic.

Zelda Pet Cemetery Horror Life-Size Bust Sculpture.

Ceramic Ghosts for Halloween.

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