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Upcycled Droste’s Cocoa Tin Can Robot.

Upcycled Droste’s Cocoa Tin Can Robot.

Sold by VintageAndroidArt.

“Dutch would love to share a cup of cocoa with you. Dutch Cocoa! The best kind, of course. And what is better than having someone to enjoy it with? Dutch gets lonely sometimes, so he always has the cocoa ready to encourage visitors. His given name is Donald, but everyone calls him Dutch, and he likes it…”

“Dutch is made with the very pretty Droste’s Cocoa tin, copper tubing legs and shiny tart tin shoes. His arms are vintage car door handles. He holds his favourite mug to drink the cocoa that he’s had since he was a child. It has a scene from Little Red Riding Hood embossed on both sides! Dutch’s head is a vintage cocktail shaker, and his eyes are brass keys with brass screws. His hair is a mystery…”

From VintageAndroidArt’s original shop listing. [Read more.]

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