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“Speak No Evil” Clown Mask.

Scary, Speak No Evil Clown Mask.

Created by TonyBuckFX.

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Scary, Speak No Evil Clown Mask.Created by TonyBuckFX.

The Scary latex and leather “Speak no evil” will give anyone the heebee-jeebees this coming Halloween, especially the clown phobic. A very colourful piece of costume artery.

Great if you love clowning around on All Hallows’ Eve. And once all the fun is over, just pop it on a hatstand as a specimen piece in your mancave, study, or other “special” place.

Art The Clown “from the Terrifier franchise ” Bust Sculpture.

Ghost Mask Prop Bust.

Creepy Clown Witch & Spell Book Art Doll.

TonyBuckFX Clown Mask Shop Banner.
TonyBuckFX Clown Mask Shop Banner.

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