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Punch And Judy Puppet Set.

“Punch and Judy is a classic Victorian puppet show featuring Mr Punch and his wife Judy. The routine consists of brief scenes, each representing an exchange between two characters, mostly Mr Punch and another character, who usually falls prey to Punch’s slapstick. The different episodes of Punch comedy—often provoking shocked laughter—are dominated by the clowning of Mr Punch…”

Infomation from; Punch and Judy. (2022, July 12). In Wikipedia.

Set Of Professional Punch And Judy Puppets.

By PuppetsByTomArnold.

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Set Of Professional Punch And Judy Puppets. By PuppetsByTomArnold.
Punch And Judy Puppet Set. By PuppetsByTomArnold.

You to can own your own punch and Judy Puppet Show with all the characters and props right down to the sausages. Great for Halloween and well as the beach holiday.

This professional set of Punch and Judy puppets, including Mr Punch, Judy, Baby, Joey the Clown, The Policeman, the doctor, The Crocodile, The Devil, a string of sausages and two slapstick. Other variations are also available in PuppetsByTomArnold‘s, including indivdgle puppets.

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