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Get A Knighthood & Become Sir or Dame.

The Knights of the Sovereign Military Order of Sealand was established to defend the Principality should it come under threat or attack. It was originally formed by Prince Roy and Prince Michael following the invasion of Sealand in 1978. The Order was comprised of select individuals with noble titles who could be called upon to defend our sovereign nation should such a situation arise again. To mark the passing of Prince Roy in October 2012, Prince Michael issued a Royal Decree, opening the Order to members of the public. The objective of the order is to bring together supporters of the Principality of Sealand with a common goal of defending the Principality and raising the quality of life of others throughout the world. Buy a Sir title or a Dame title to join the benevolent nobility of Sealand. Check out our full information on how to become a sir or dame.

Citiaion: Become a Sir or Dame (Knighthood)

Get A Knighthood and Become a Sir or Dame and a Knight of a real nation!

From The Principality of Sealand.

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Ever wanted to be a real night in shining armour? Now you can! Get yourself or your loved ones a true knighthood.

Knighthoods of the Sovereign Military Order of Sealand are now available for little more than a bit of wonga!

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