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Charge your Smartphone Without A Cable.

Inductive charging (also known as wireless charging or cordless charging) is a type of wireless power transfer. It uses electromagnetic induction to provide electricity to portable devices. Inductive charging is also used in vehicles, power tools, electric toothbrushes, and medical devices. The portable equipment can be placed near a charging station or inductive pad without needing to be precisely aligned or make electrical contact with a dock or plug.

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Anker 313 Wireless Phone Charger Stand.

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Anker 313 Wireless Phone Charger Stand.
Anker 313 Wireless Phone Charger Stand.

The Anker 313 Wireless Phone Charger Stand is compatible with iPhone and Android mobile smartphones with wireless charging technology.

An ideal piece of tech to leave on your desk or nightstand so you will always have somewhere to charge your phone without having to plug it into a cable all the time. And the stand makes it great for video calls and in landscape position for movies, youtube videos etc.


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