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Nipple Pin Badges by Michael Barnes from the Clumsy Pickle.

Nipple badges. Why? Mark Zukanburger of Facebook fame doesn’t like them.

Hear from the artist Michael Barnes about his inspiration for the handcrafted Nipple Pin Badges.

“For a while now social media has dictated that mens nipples are fine for all to see but womens nipples on the other hand are indecent and should be covered up. There are words for this but I won’t use them here.
To show my support for nipples worldwide I thought I’d make some nipple badges for anyone to wear. These nipples were hand sculpted then cast in resin and painted up in glorious nipple colour.
To show the ridiculous nature of the situaution I’ve presented them on obvious gender specific backings so you can tell which are male and which are female, or can you?”… [Read More]

Created by Clumsy Pickle.