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A Laser cutter as an alternative to plotter machine.

From Mr Beam’s blogpost.

“Plotters are digital devices that can transfer lettering, graphics and other shapes to paper and other materials. A cutter can also be materials such as adhesive films, cardboard, rubber, plastic and thin wood to edit. One Plotter machine Resembles a conventional printer. The result is not a picture consisting of individual pixels but vector graphics. Laser Cutter represents a meaningful alternative to the plotter machine because the plotter has a significant weakness: it is much more limited in material selection. The editing of boards or stones is not possible.

In contrast to plotting with a cutting plotter, laser cutting is a non-contact cutting technique and so shows less wear phenomena in the laser cutter. Frequent maintenance and maintenance costs are significantly lower in the laser cutter, so laser cutting is considered particularly cost-effective. The investment in one Laser cutter as an alternative to the cutting plotter Can be worthwhile…